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Hayden Panettiere was there to watch her giant get chopped down to size

11.30.2015by: Droz

We don't hear much from Hayden Panettiere anymore. She's got that Nashville show still, I think. Not my kind of show, so I'm understandably not up to speed on its current status. TV shows are one thing, but Hayden hardly ever does a magazine spread or much else anymore. One thing she does do is stand by her considerable man, as evidenced by her ringside seats at her hubby Wladimir Klitschko's big fight. Unfortunately for them, Mr. Panettiere got his ass handed to him. Seems amazing that anyone could possibly do in such a monster human being. Only a dude with the balls to call himself "Tyson Fury" could manage such a feat. I didn't see the fight, but from what I'm told it was a fairly shitty affair, as are most main event fights nowadays. But I'm sure Klitschko got himself a windfall for his efforts anyway, so no worries. He also gets to take home Hayden and split her in half with his disproportionate size. Clearly Hayden is a trooper in more ways than one.

Hayden Panettiere Klitschko Fight
Source: Superior Pics


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