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Hayden Panettiere takes us out to the barn to show off her big...burgers

03.29.2016by: Droz

I can't quite grasp why Hayden Panettiere is doing the burger babe thing. Ads like these are usually done by aspiring models looking to bolster their climb up the popularity curve by getting themselves some mass media attention. Pretty much all of the current big titty model phenoms got their start by shoving a slop burger into their faces. I suppose Hayden is just looking to get in on that media boost after spending an extended amount of time away from the scene, recovering from having her giant husband's baby. Or maybe Carl's Jr/Hardee's is just upping their game and slapping huge wads of cash on the barrel head to get the bigger names to munch on their disgustingly delicious burgers. Speaking of those, was there an outcry of customer concern over a lack of moonshine in their burger's secret sauce? I don't think anyone ever uttered those words until the mad scientists over at Carl's Jr. thought up this new monstrosity. Eh, whatever. At least Hayden looks hot.

    Hayden Panettiere Burger Babe Hayden Panettiere Burger Babe
Source: Carl's Jr.


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