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Hayden Panettiere mixes her geek chic with a little see thru sexy

03.07.2017by: Droz

At first I was a little surprised when Hayden Panettiere's Nashville series got resurrected for another season after getting cancelled by ABC. That doesn't happen very often and I can think of a few other shows I'd deem far more worthy of resurrection than that one. But then I remembered who stars in Nashville and the whole thing became clear. Hayden's got the drawing power big time. Women like her, men like her, everyone likes her. That was clear from the first episode of Heroes when she basically became the cornerstone of that show's initial success, before they crashed and burned it. All these years later, we still have a fascination with Hayden. She's the essence of every petite little blonde cheerleader anyone ever lusted after in high school. Also, it would be really, really nice to see her naked.

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