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Have some more of Lucy Mecklenburgh, this time keeping it tight in tights

07.01.2015by: Droz

All these posts we devote to Lucy Mecklenburgh here would seem to suggest that she deserves her own gallery in the pictures section. I think she deserves to be in there. You're unlikely to see her in any American productions, but that's never been a prerequisite for our affections. If they look good, that's usually the only thing we need to know. Normally I like post pics of Lucy when she's running around on a beach in a bikini, but I'll take a nice set of tights in a pinch. As long as those hips are in view, I'm good with it. Those things are just perfect. Look how they flare out from her waist. That's goddamn gorgeous. Lucy's even got a little tummy to go with those perfect hips. Girl is stunning up and down, but my eye goes to that waist of hers. A thing of beauty it is.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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