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Have another round of that sweet Demi Rose booty doing the 2017 calendar bit

12.09.2016by: Droz

I've got a new obsession as of late and her name is Demi Rose. I simply cannot get enough of this girl. Looking at her 2017 calendar, you can see what what my obsessions are all about. She offers Kardashian style thickness with no bitter reality star after taste. I hesitate to even bring up the infamous TV family, but as it turns out, she and they do bear some resemblance, both in appearance and behavior. For instance, Demi was rapper Tyga's rebound girl following his first break up with Kylie Jenner. Yeah, well, nobody's perfect. And besides, bad taste in boyfriends isn't going to stop me from recognizing a top notch hottie when I see one.

Demi can be something of an anachronism. For one thing, she's English, born and raised. Not the sort of body you tend to see on someone who hails from those parts. She also sounds like a bar fly from the dingiest pub in the shadiest London neighborhood when she speaks, which runs counter to the sweetness of her looks. Speaking of that, Demi's mug might be the best thing about her. Yes, even better than her hourglass figure. She is so utterly adorable it's almost painful to look at her.

Demi Rose Adorably Hot

I swear, it's like someone took notes on what my perfect woman would look like and then somehow cooked up Demi in a laboratory somewhere. She's science done right if you ask me.

Source: Instagram


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