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Have a look-see at Emilia Clark's unbelievably sexy doppelgänger Rosie Mac

07.22.2015by: No Cool Handle

When I first heard the mother of dragons was no longer going to bare her regal bits, I like so many others was extremely disappointed. Now having discovered Emilia Clark's sultry body double Rosie Mac, I couldn't be more accepting of her decision. I can only hope the next season of Game of Thrones requires the mad king's heir to disrobe at least six times an episode. That will ensure awe-inspiring vistas of this blonde bombshell's regions that have yet to be explored.  There are many cautionary tales about artificial intelligence because of the risk of being replaced by something superior.  Does that apply to casting a stand in as well?  I'll bet that thought has creeped into Emilia Clark's mind from time to time.

Extra Tidbit: Goddamn she's hot


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