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Have a bunch more Margot Robbie so you can stay completely saturated in her

02.27.2015by: Droz

They're really going all out in pushing this FOCUS movie to anyone and everyone who might find themselves in a theater this weekend. Some have speculated it's all a desperate attempt at helping Will Smith make up for AFTER EARTH. That's a possibility. He has been doing some apologizing lately for the shittiness of that movie and rightfully so. Then again, it seems from the previews and trailers and whatnot that Margot Robbie is the real draw with this one. As our own Eric Walkuski commented in his review of the movie, Margot seems to steal the show with her sexy and beautiful everything. That might be why they've been spreading her visage across every inch of promotion-worthy territory, from TV to magazines and everything in between. Margot made the rounds on morning TV today, doing a Good Morning America interview after which she exited the building in a surprisingly short little dress. She's also on the cover of multiple magazines this month, two of which I've posted here for your perusal pleasure.

Looking at some of those close ups of her below gives me faith that she's going to make a really awesome Harley Quinn in the upcoming SUICIDE SQUAD movie. She's got the face for it, that's for sure. She looks rather uncanningly similar to past comic iterations of the character. She's certainly got the body for it. Harley gets a lot of love from the comic fans, so if Margot can nail the role and the movie doesn't suck, I suspect a whole new horizon of fan appreciation waits just around the corner for her. Looking forward to that. 


Source: NSFWMarie Claire


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