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Haters be damned, these Jenner sisters know a thing or two about bikinis

08.15.2016by: Droz

It's become something of a pastime for people to rip on Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner for their various crimes against popular culture. Do they deserve the treatment they get? I suppose there's a valid argument that they bring it upon themselves. Although I would also point a finger at the parentage these two were stuck with, or lack thereof. When you consider who they come from, I'm frankly amazed neither Kylie or Kendall are currently passed out wasted outside some trendy LA bar, standing before a judge, or DOA after overdosing in a shady motel room. Nah, the worst these two seem to be up to is making terrible shows and taking a lot of vacations in bikinis, both of which are covered heavily by people with cameras.

I wont attempt to persuade anyone to accept the lifestyle these two enjoy. Opinions apparently must swing to the furthest extremes where members of their family go. Me, I'm much more in the moment when it comes to them. Yes, their primary claim to fame is total shit. However, when these sisters are separated from all that, planted on a beach and stuffed into various sexy beachwear ensembles, my contempt quickly turns to fascination. I refuse to be so far gone with hate that I can't recognize a beautiful ass when I see it.

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