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Has Taylor Swift always looked this stacked?

06.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

To think this whole time I've considered Taylor Swift's body type of the beanpole variety, makes me wonder if I may be slipping as time goes on or is it just some things are inevitably going to escape my attention. Let's not [also] rule out the possibility that Ms. Swift is engaging in some manner of deception, whether it be some newly engineered bra that can create the illusion of enhanced size while still maintaining a natural shape or some Chris Angel type of shit; given how much larger they look than usual, I don't think it's unwarranted to suggest such a thing. If it turns out it's my own negligence that made it appear as if those bags ballooned overnight, I except that, and apologize for my ignorance.

Without any kind of clever segue: Am I the only pervert who is a big fan of straps that cave in the shirt between the boobs? – Something I like to call the seatbelt effect. I can't be the only one who loved it when I – for whatever reason – had to be driven by a friends hot mom or sister and the seatbelt would help to better outline their perky pair. It works on almost any boob-type and with any over the shoulder strap that crosses the chest... Like Taylor's handbag. If it is the strap creating the inflated illusion, she should heed my advice and always accessorize with that handbag. I think Tom Hiddleston would concur.

Source: Got Celeb


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