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Has Amber Heard's recent unpleasantness hurt her hotness?

01.09.2017by: Droz

Most of us were more than happy to see 2016 meet its end, what with its maximum shittiness. Yet I'll bet no one was more happy to let that year die and overdue death than Amber Heard. It was crappy seeing so many great celebs buy it, but she was a celeb watching her marriage come apart in a nasty, spiteful way, with all the details smeared across every tabloid in the world. Now that's a shit year.

I wont get into any finger pointing about who was to blame or which one did what. Seemed like there was plenty of blame to go around, starting with their decision to get married in the first place (seriously celebs, when will you people get the hint?) Unfortunately, I see a lot of people preferring to dump the lion's share of the blame on Amber. Now folks who once sang her praises, merely dismiss her with nasty remarks. Me, I'm still just fine with Amber as a sex symbol. Looking at her making hot at the Art of Elysium Gala this weekend finds me just as taken with her as ever. Granted, I'd never marry her, but then I wasn't eager to do so before she got hitched to Depp. So no harm, no foul for me where Amber is concerned. Where are you on the matter of Amber?

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