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Amber Heard looks sexy in every color

08.20.2012by: Salacious Crumb

I haven't had a chance to grace the lovely Amber Heard in a while, and thanks to New York Times Style Magazine, she was able to release some of that locked-up charisma and energy for us to enjoy. Amber was caught partying with Katy Perry over the summer, but she was the party-pooper texting in the corner all night. I suppose if any woman were sexting buddies with Johnny Depp, they'd never put their phone away either. From square one, it's none of our business who dates who in the industry, but since it's shoved in our faces every time we stand in a grocery store checkout line, one can't help but observe some ludicrous relationships. The age difference wouldn't annoy me if I wasn't almost certain Heard was one of those teenagers who was infatuated with Captain Jack Sparrow. For any of those high schoolers' creepy fantasies to come true is sort of messed up. There must be some awkward moments when they plan role-playing in the bedroom.

Amber: Okay, so I'll get into my Elizabeth Swann costume, and you-

Johnny: Wait, I thought you were dressing as Alice today?

Amber: No, honey, we're not doing that. Ever.

Johnny: But, baby, I never get to wear the Mad Hatter costume!

Amber: It's Captain Jack, or nothing! And don't put those Willy Wonka veneers in this time! I want bedraggled, pirate's teeth!

This script I made up in my head goes on for some time, but they eventually settle on his Hunter S. Thompson costume, and hilarity ensues. Anyway, this isn't the first unconventional love-connection the Heard has encountered. She also dated the female Hawaiian artist Tasya van Ree a couple years ago. As she's stated about here sexuality, "I don't label myself one way or another – I have had successful relationships with men and now a woman. I love who I love; it's the person that matters." I can dig that. She looks good no matter whom she's with nor whatever Crayola color dress she's wearing.


Extra Tidbit: What's with that dog?


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