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Harper's Bazaar rolls the clock back to 1992 with some nude Sharon Stone

08.13.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I remember not understanding what the big deal was about the leg crossing scene in BASIC INSTINCT back when I was an innocent young one. I didn't know that I was supposed to be looking up Sharon Stone's dress as she titillated the men who were interrogating her about a murder. I simply knew that this was the kind of movie that my parents wouldn't want me to see, therefore I wanted to see it. (And because my mom was always a bit of a hippie, I wasn't skurrrred of vagina like the rest of the damn world.)

So it kinda sucks that we've gotten to a point in our pop culture history where a 57-year old Stone can get naked for a high-end fashion magazine like Harper's Bazaar and the reaction isn't going to be sexy or even happy to see the still-rocking actress in nothing but some jewelry and a pair of heels. Most people are going to roll their eyes, claim that Miley shows more, Kim shows more, everyone shows more and then decry "PHOTOSHOPPED!!!" with the angry pointed finger formally reserved for calling out a murderer. Sharon looks good, even with the digital assist (which everyone uses, bee tee dubs), although I wonder how many people stop to notice that she's always been a pretty damn effective actress or if all they think of is woman known more for her kooky diva behavior off-screen and her failed soft-core roles on. 

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