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Hard to keep your head in the game with Adriana Lima courtside

12.16.2016by: Droz

Brazilian bombshell Adriana Lima was courtside for the Nets/Lakers game last night, looking to disrupt the game with her long legs and barely contained cleavage. Adriana has shown her affinity for the basketball players in the past and seemed to be doing so again with her provocative attire here. Could be Adriana just likes those pituitary cases. I know one thing for sure - any player looking to hook up with Adriana has some work to do. She ain't nothing like the women they usual score with. She's already got the millions through her own machinations, so she don't need their money. This is probably why many a supermodel tends to go with the billionaire segment of the upper 1% for their significant others. That's the real financial security. Or maybe billionaires are just more realistic when it comes to prenups. Whatever the story, I find it comforting to see Adriana still able to take her pick from the gene pool, even at the ripe old age of 35. That's pretty damn impressive.

Source: GotCeleb


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