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Happy Wiener-Dog!

04.23.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Heather Matarazzo is cool in my book. Granted, I was made aware that she appeared in Eli Ralph... Roth's HOSTEL 2, but everyone makes mistakes. The sheer fact that the gangly, fugly little girl from the brilliant WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE, one of the first movies to show a geeky lead character who was so unapologetically so, has turned into a hot lesbian is good enough for me.

Recently shot with her girlfriend of almost 5 years, Caroline Murphy, Matarazzo came out a year after they met and if people haven't caught on until now, well... Mom... Dad... Heather's gay. And that's cool beans by me.

Sadly, this is not really new news. In fact, Heather doesn't have any productions on her imdb resume for the upcoming year. I just happen to like her and think that when she's dressed up "just so," she's actually quite the opposite of the fugly little girl before. I'd consider licking lips with her. Now we just have to figure out why that little brat Brendan Sexton III is still lining up those indie roles. Can anyone say, "Reunion?"

Extra Tidbit: Heather and co-star Anne Hathaway from THE PRINCESS DIARIES remain good friends to this very day. Mmm... taco threesome. Yeah...
Source: EvilBeet


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