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Happy belated birthday, Kat Dennings

06.14.2013by: Droz

I'll admit it, I passed out last night and forgot to post this. That was after scouring the web for 25 pics of the gloriously big boobied babe Kat Dennings, who celebrated her 27th birthday yesterday. Sorry about that Kat. Nothing against you, darling. It was a shitty day and I needed to be unconscious. I don't think I'm the first person to send out a birthday card late, right? Being bombarded with dozens of pics of Kat's bombshell body gave me some pretty nice dreams, though. She is fun to look at and not just because of those beautiful twin mounds of mammary madness growing from her chest. I reckon it's those full lips that give me the most naughty thoughts. And believe it or not, I am one of those few guys who looks to the eyes before anything. I know, that's hard to believe when talking about women like Kat, who has plenty of natural distractions from eye contact. It's the truth, I find Kat's eyes particularly enchanting. I could stare into those ocular pools of persuasion for hours and never get bored. Though you know I'd pair any submission to her eye-based hypnotism with my best shot at getting a hand or two down her blouse. I'm not crazy, after all. If you have the proximity and the invitation to risk a sprained thumb in an attempt to grab hold of those babies, you have no choice. The entire rest of your life is screaming at you to secure that experience for posterity's sake. It has to be done.

Feel free to enjoy our standard hottie birthday celebration, a little photographic tour of Kat's many greatest hits in honor of her special day. Happy B-day, Kat!


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