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Happy 54th birthday to tasty British dish Nigella Lawson

01.06.2014by: Droz

It was a particularly tough 2013 for Nigella Lawson. It started out with that rather unfortunate and bizarre choking incident between Nigella and her now ex-husband, art collector Charles Satcchi, which generated all kinds of bad press. That was only outdone by the widely publicized scandal and trial of her two former assistants who were supposedly using Nigella's credit cards in return for keeping quiet about her alleged drug problem and blah, blah, blah...

What a mess for poor Nigella. Still, we need not cry too much for her. While her personal life may be in tatters as the moment, she still enjoys tons of success and acclaim, what with her cooking-based media empire, which blew up huge around 15 years ago with her first cookbook and continues to do so. With more books and several TV shows following, this culinary queen of all media has been content to ride a wave of success that's brought her from jolly old England, all the way across the pond to America, where she now co-hosts the ABC show The Taste.

No matter the controversies and stresses inherent in her personal life, Nigella weathers all storms, preserving a youthful glow well into her middle 50s. Looking like someone easily 20 years younger, her impressive curves and sexy style have become the cornerstone of her popularity for many folks like myself, whose hunger is aroused just as much by that sexy accent and sexier vibe as whatever it is she happens to be cooking. With divorces and trials now over and her foodie empire still going strong, 2014 promises a return to past track records of success for Nigella.

Unfortunately 54 pics is a bit much for a birthday post, although there are certainly enough great pics of her out there to cover it. So we've narrowed it down to 30 choice cuts of Nigella's hotness to share with you on her special day. Enjoy them below and Happy Birthday, Nigella. I'll always be hungry for more of you, my dear.


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