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Here's 44 pictures to celebrate Eva Green's 33rd

07.05.2013by: Droz

I was going to post 33 pics in honor of Eva Green's 33 years on Earth, but then I found some more that were good and I guess I just got carried away. That's easy to do, as she is pretty easy on the eyes and has put out a lot of good imagery over the years. Eva's been a favorite of mine since her debut movie role in THE DREAMERS a decade ago. That movie was not only her first time on the big screen, but also the debut of her amazing body, laid totally bare in several full monty sex scenes. Normally you don't see that kind of gumption from an actress just starting out in cinema. Eva has never been one to play the shrinking violet type though. She'll gladly bare all for the right role and look so very hot doing it. That alone might have been sufficient to keep her in my good graces, but then she went and played the best Bond girl ever in CASINO ROYALE. You might choose to debate that, but her performance as Vesper Lynd will always be, for me, the stand out role in this latest iteration of the Bond franchise. Eva managed to be more than just the usual Bond eye candy. She played Vesper as a real person, with depth and flaws and the will to stand as an equal to Bond, rather than an arm he grabs onto while escaping danger. I liked that about her.

I like pretty much everything about Eva. I like how she looks, I like her as a person, I like how she acts and I like the roles she takes. This latest one in the 300 sequel, 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, looks especially interesting. I hope they don't wuss out and try to go for a PG-13 though. It's been a while since Eva was naked in anything, so the prospect of seeing her having angry, violent sex with some lucky Spartan is the perfect reason for me to lay down my hard earned dough for a ticket. Just wont take the girlfriend to that one.

Happy Birthday, Eva!


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