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Hannah Masi is the adorable, redhead model of the week

05.15.2015by: Droz

We're going to have a little redhead twofer today, starting with a wonderful little carrot top honey I just discovered who goes by the name Hannah Masi. I feel that redheads are underrepresented in most fields, in particular the modelling field. That doesn't make any sense. What better representation of beauty could you find than a sweet faced and sexy little freckled redheaded hottie like Hannah here? It's interesting how powerful a persuasion that hair has on me. Normally I wouldn't show much interest in a size 0 girl like Hannah. As you probably know by know, my predilections in women tend to fall closer to the curvier side of the body shape spectrum. That said, I could never deny the appeal of such a creature like Hannah, no matter how skinny. Girl is everything I've come to love about those who share her shade of hair and quality of skin and everything else that makes redheads the blessed creatures I find them to be. Check out a little gallery of Hannah's work below and see if you become as bewitched with her as I am now.

Source: Instagram


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