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Hannah Davis's uncontainable hotness in GQ

12.17.2015by: No Cool Handle

GQ just released photos from their January issue featuring the unbearably fine Hannah Davis. Since we always talk about her looks, lets here some musings on relationships from her interview. “You have family and friends for a reason! You can't leave that in the dust. And your partner should agree with that and want the same things for himself.” Listen, when you're that hot I don't think you have to worry about your partner agreeing with you. I don't think I'm alone when saying I'd nod along in total complacency with whatever she says. She could tell me that Star Wars prequels were better than the originals and I tell her she was unequivocally, without a doubt, 100% correct. Whatever keeps her from denying access to the good stuff. Back to her looks for a second. Is it just me or of those the most hypnotic pair of peepers this side of the centerfold?

Source: GQ


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