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Hannah Davis owns the red carpet

02.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

The day may come when I finally forsake Hannah Davis in favor of another drop dead gorgeous swimsuit model, but it is not this day. I like a woman that can look this sexy and still add a healthy dose of grace and elegance to any event she attends. That's a lot harder to pull off than it sounds. Your average attractive woman probably wouldn't turn as many heads wearing something as conservative as this. Not Ms. Davis; she looks as hot as she would wearing nothing at all while exuding an obscene amount of confidence. She knows stealing the spotlight is a forgone consequence of just appearing on the red carpet. Hell, she steals the red carpets thunder by draping her body with the bold, primary colour. If a carpet could contemplate, it would have to acknowledge it's shitty circumstance. Instead of covering every inch of fine flesh on Hannah Davis's body, it's relegated to covering the ground and being trampled on by over priced shoes.

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