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Hannah Davis let's her sexiness run rampant at the Country Music Awards

11.05.2015by: No Cool Handle

I had more than one friend growing up that wanted to be a professional baseball player. Me; I never understood why – besides the obvious financial benefits. Other than that; what incentive was there to dedicate so much time and energy to play a game where you spend most of the time waiting for a ball to come your way? Take a look at the searing hot Hannah Davis for the obvious answer to that question. In hindsight; I would've definitely spent my after school hours sitting in the dugout or standing around in the outfield for the one in a billion chance that I might one day be the guy who beds down this swimsuit-wearing expert on a regular basis. Who cares if she appears to only have one facial expression? I'm sure she cracks a smile for her new fiancé, who's strangely absent from her side. Maybe Derek Jeter will do anything for this sensuous being; anything but listen to country music that is. Or maybe he's busy waiting for his turn to whack some ball... and speaking of whacking.

Source: celeb mafia


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