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05.17.2008by: Cherry Liquor

I knew it. I knew that the secret to Johnny Depp's success was hidden in his pants. And now there's going to be proof. Scheduled for a June 1st release, Danforth Prince and Darwin Porter are the authors behind "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," a book containing full frontal nudity of several stars and confirming that someone, somewhere gave Depp the nickname of "Donkey Dick."

They also talk about Sean Connery's legendary rod (not that I'd like to see it in its current state), the bi-sexual and twisted sex lives of classic movie stars like Marilyn Monroe (Joan Crawford put the lesbo moves on her!), Betty Davis (she was tried for killing her second husband but the fan based jury let her off!), Lucille Ball (she was a hooker!), James Dean (he liked 12 year old boys!) and Cary Grant (he was diddling his step-son!) and... the book sounds like mostly bullshit. But people are more than likely going to eat it up with a spoon.

I'd like to see it for the pure curiosity factor. Yeah. Most of the penises involved aren't visually appetizing to think about (Arnie, John Malkovich, James Woods), but I'm sick of the former child stars of today and their nipple slips and spread eagle crotch shots. Pre-Order Available on Amazon!

Source: NYDailyNews


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