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Halston Sage is quite a catch

01.10.2017by: No Cool Handle

The only reason I hesitate to use words like perfect, flawless or unmatched is because of one fixable flaw. 23 years old and extremely photogenic, Halston Sage could use some lessons in self-promotion; seemingly reluctant to engage in the constant attention seeking behavior practiced by her peers. That would normally be a characteristic belonging in the plus column but in this day and age, the sad truth is, it can be detrimental to her in the long run. The competition is cutthroat, unyielding and beyond relentless. But with her all-natural beauty, Halston could lay to waste any youngin' who dare contest it. She's that rare kind of hottie who doesn't need to apply makeup or wear elaborate attire to "appear" stunning. Those are things reserved for mortal women, which only serve to mitigate the illustrious look of a celestial being like young Sage. So when she does get gussied up for an evening fine dining at upscale hot spots such as Catch restaurant, we're all destined to share in the heavenly results – take a good, hard look.

Source: Got Celeb


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