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Halsey wore her hair too short and her belt too high at the iHeart Awards

03.06.2017by: Droz

Speaking of bad hair styling choices, witness pop star Halsey and her look for the iHeartRadio Awards this weekend. I'll admit to not having much of an interest in what Halsey does to get famous. Such is the case with the bulk of pop stars nowadays. That said, I've usually been able to appreciate her credentials as a hottie. Even when she's done other weird shit with her look, it was usually not that big a deal. Obviously I have no problem with hotties as nicely put together as Halsey showing off some sexy cleavage. Although she could have gone for a more slimmer belt design for a more daring look.

It has been a tough time lately for Halsey. Multiple surgeries to treat her endometriosis have no doubt taken quite a toll. That probably explains why she's gone for the much shorter hair. Which is fine. She's still beautiful even with the short hair. I can't condone the Eminem "Slim Shady" look though. I'm sorry, I know it's her hair and she can do with it what she wants. It's not doing her any favors though. I wish her the best with her health issues, but I sure do hope she goes back to something like the pic below once her troubles are resolved.

Halsey long hair

Source: NSFW


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