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Halsey delivered the sorely needed see-through moment for the 2016 VMAs

08.30.2016by: Cherry Liquor
It's funny to go from Miley Cyrus hosting the VMAs last year, see-though, nipple dropping, goofy little shit that she is to this year's award show, where we got a lot of lip syncing and, well, I can't comment on much else since I only vaguely watched the clips and have cruised through the pictures. The show got a nice assist from Halsey, who seemed to be enjoying her see-through arrival outfit just as much as the fans were. The famously "tri-bi" singer also put on one of the sexier performances during the Jimmy Fallon hosted event, where underboob was the word (and perhaps even hotter than the arrival bodysuit). Personally, I think this is one lady who looks better with the shorter hair and I wish she hadn't gotten these ridiculously long extensions but overall, that's the least of my complaints. Surely Rihanna would have been more on point if it hadn't been for the Drake nonsense turning her into her version of an uncomfortable school girl.

Source: Daily Mail


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