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Halle Berry out to prove her rack is still relevant

08.18.2015by: No Cool Handle

There are quite a few photos below to click through so I'll try and make my introduction brief. Halle Berry is giving us a glimpse at things to come. It won't be long before hottie heavyweights like her completely cut out the middleman and only wear a bra. First Rita Ora and now (only in the span of one week) her; ironically wearing a top that's not even needed. Every bit of her torso, back and shoulders are completely on display, but funny enough - her neck: not so much. Will it be long before the bra itself is reduced to redundancy? Lord I hope so. As starlets like her continue to age gracefully, they'll continue to move the "what's tasteful" line further and further back in last-ditch attempts to use their headlights to stay in the spotlight.

If - on the off chance - you're actually interested to hear what she has to say, or what she's been up to: Here's a clip of her Jimmy Kimmel interview wearing this outfit. Bra-Shirt appearance

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