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Halle on the Rebound

04.19.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Halle Berry may have only given birth slightly over a month ago, but it appears she's gearing up to get back to work. I, for one, am not a happy camper about it. I want her to be "pregnant forever" like she once claimed she wanted to be. Her tits weren't anywhere near as choice as they are when she's got a bun in the oven. So tell that little robot white boy mannequin you've got to keep pumping juice into you until the world is populated with gorgeous people and the Jonah Hill's of the world can be a thing of the past.

Whew, bitch attack. Please pardon me. As I was saying, Halle's chasing after another Oscar like she's the only black actress working in America, signing up to produce and star in FRANKIE & ALICE, a psychological drama where she could play a schizo.

Just a thought, Halle, if you'll allow me one. I know you're hot. The whole world knows you're hot. You could stop working today and people will always remember you and those memories will be of your hotness. For the love of all that is good, please stop doing the "uglifying" thing that hot actresses do because they want some more gold in their house. You're producing, shouldn't that be enough? Pick another hot black actress who needs some exposure. Stop being so greedy. Go have another baby. Or at least suckle this first one for a few months before abandoning it into the world of nannies and overpriced children's attire. I beg of you.

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of Halle and Sandy on the same day, did you know that Halle was the first choice for the role of Annie in SPEED? OK, now I hate you even more Halle.
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8:03PM on 04/21/2008
She looks like she has a lazy eye in that pic.
She looks like she has a lazy eye in that pic.
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