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Halle Berry's fiancee beats the stuffing out of her baby daddy for Thanksgiving (Update: more images)

11.27.2012by: Cherry Liquor

There is not a world that you can move me to in any part of the galaxy that would change my opinion of Halle Berry being a crazy ass ho. Married to a baseball player that she claims beat her up, hit-and-run driver who has never owned up to the damages that she caused and then fled from, drama queen who claimed that her other ex-husband was a sex addict because he had to get a piece of something from somewhere, adoptive mother who abandoned that ex's daughter after the divorce because she wanted to try to have a biological child of her own. Hooks up with a gorgeous model and produces a gorgeous daughter but is so paranoid over having to share custody with him that she accuses him of a bunch of unsubstantiated crap that is ultimately thrown out of court. Puts her daughter through hell. Introduces a new man into their lives and decides that the easier way to get out of having to "share" her child is to move to Paris, fabricating even more crap.

Yeah, back in September of this year, Halle and fiancee Olivier Martinez petitioned the courts with a bunch of nonsense about how they needed to move her daughter to Paris. After 19 days in court and $3 million spent on lawyers, the courts threw out their claims of needing to move the girl away from her biological (and very much involved in her life) father, Gabriel Aubry. So Martinez starts an argument with Aubry at the little girl's school during the hours that Aubry is allotted by court decided custody, screaming about costing them that much money. When Aubry goes to Berry's home to pick his daughter up for Thanksgiving, in a sworn statement to police, Aubry claims that Martinez “jumped” him, unleashed a barrage of punches, kicked him in the ribs and “slammed” his head on the concrete. Nice, right? Better yet, overheard by neighbors was Martinez screaming at Aubry, "“When you see the judge, you’re going to tell him you’re going to Paris or I’m going to kill you. You're going to Paris, you're going to get your $20 grand a month in child support. I’m not just some f*cking actor. You don’t know me.” In the meantime, Aubry claims that his daughter was acting scared that Martinez was there.

Let's put some icing on the crazy cake, shall we? It was Halle who called the police, claiming that her boyfriend was the one under attack, When Aubry insisted that the police check the security video surveillance feed, they discovered that the cameras had been moved to face in the opposite direction of where the attack took place. Ugh. This "woman" just plain disgusts me now. Having money and fame certainly doesn't take the ghetto out of the ho.


Extra Tidbit: Update: Added are the images of the two men (Aubry right after the fight, Martinez the day after) showing the damage done. Seeing as how Martinez only has a bruised/swollen hand and Aubry looks like... well, like everything he said Martinez did to him really got done to him, I'm really beyond disgusted now.
Source: NY Daily News
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