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Haley Bennett's hotness warms up a cold, Russian winter

01.12.2017by: Droz

2016's golden girl, Haley Bennett looks to continue her winning streak into 2017, starting with a little spread in Russian Vogue. So far this year looks a little less hectic than her frequently back-to-back movies last year, with only a couple of gigs listed on her IMDB page. But you never know, it's early yet. There could be come stuff not officially announced yet coming down the pike. Girl's gotta keep all that momentum going somehow. She did make 2016 somewhat better and for that reason I'm not ashamed to say I fell for Haley big time, especially after seeing her struggle with her sudden vault to stardom. You could tell it was all quite overwhelming for her sometimes, what with the publicity tours and interviews and all the rest. She reacted to all that like a normal human being might. I appreciate people of talent in Hollywood who still manage to stay grounded in reality. I'm sure it's easy to get caught up in that town's weirdness which makes folks like Haley, who can remain genuine, all the more special. Plus, she's awfully easy on the eyes.

Source: Vogue


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