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Haley Bennett did a pretty good J-Law impersonation at the Met Gala

05.04.2016by: Droz

Pretty much every hottie you could imagine was presenting themselves as best as possible at the Met Costume Gala thing the other night. Among the throngs of hotties was Haley Bennett here, making herself into someone not unlike Jennifer Lawrence's slightly older sister, complete with a similarly curvaceous body looking awesome in an elegant dress. You may recognize Haley from movies like THE EQUALIZER or the recent HARDCORE HENRY, the latter being just one of several movies she's got coming out this year. Clearly someone with some pull has Haley's back as of late, which would explain why she's gone from being seen around once in a while, to having 6 major roles in high profile movies, coming one after another, in a matter of months. That's quite an achievement for anyone, much less someone many folks may never have heard of before now. Could be her remarkable similarity to Jen is more than just similar looks. Girl seems to be aiming for a J-Law style career as well. She's well on her way.

Source: NSFW


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