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Haley Bennett transforms into a hot hippie for Dior

11.17.2016by: Droz

The onslaught of repeated yet entirely welcome Haley Bennett content keeps coming on strong as she solidifies her position as 2016's most prolific hottie. Her latest attempt at casting her net of beautiful hotness across the entirety of media is a spread in Dior magazine, where the RULES DON'T APPLY hottie transforms herself into some kind of hippie earth mother frolicking in open fields. This spread makes a fine demonstration of how she does her own thing beauty wise, contrary to those who seem perpetually stuck mistaking her for Jennifer Lawrence. As you can see here, there's actually not that much of a resemblance between the two - not in this light anyway. Were they to light her from a different angle, there might very well be a similarity. That's just the kind of mug Haley has. She's not unlike the weather, frequently changing with the ambient conditions yet always beautiful.

Source: Dior


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