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Haley Bennett got a helping hand with her Girl on a Train premiere cleavage

09.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
With Haley Bennett being not only our Hottie of the Week but the babe that everyone is interested in casting these days, I can't imagine the number of resumes that were taken for this job:

In an attempt to make sure that there weren't any errant nipples making an appearance under Haley's chin at the London premiere of THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, her assistant gave a helping hand, pushing her perky boobs into submission in that Tudor style beaded gold gown. Haley wore far less when she was photographed for the recent issue of GQ, although I'm surprised that the magazine didn't get more shots than just the one. Hopefully they're just holding on to an unlimited supply of outtakes for us to pounce on at a future date.

Source: Daily Mail


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