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Haley Bennett gets some much needed exposure in Interviews latest issue

06.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

The name Haley Bennett might be unfamiliar, but chances are you've seen her in a movie or two. Have you seen MARLEY AND ME, THE EQUALIZER, HARDCORE HENRY? Well then, you would have had to have seen Haley. She's something of an in demand actress these days, with a slew of up coming features slated for release; among them is THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (the Chris Pratt/Denzel Washington Western coming this September). Why do so many Westerns have the number of central characters in the title? - Tradition, I suppose. But I digress. Director Antoine Fuqua appears to be convinced of her capabilities, casting her in back to back features and all. While it may take a couple of stand out roles before I can share in Fuqua's confidence, I concur she certainly has the look of a star, and a sexy look it is. You need only peruse this shoot for Interview Magazine to test the validity of that assertion. She looks hella hot in a two piece and a sepia toned palette. The time when smoking was sexy has long since past, though. If these photos were scratch and sniff, I would have passed them by.

Source: Interview


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