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Hailey Clauson's Lookbook pics are vastly superior to SI spread

02.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

I wonder how much longer the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is going to be around when so many other publications are doing sexy better all year long. Jen's Pirate Booty isn't even a publication, it's a designer clothes company that just released their signature 'Lookbook' set of photos featuring bikini model extraordinaire, and 2016 Swimsuit Edition cover girl, Hailey Clauson. And you know what? – The photos in question blow Sports Illustrated's airbrushed, over processed, prick teasers out of the proverbial water. Sure, these photos are tinted and a few stylistic flourishes have been applied, but they're still not the smooth over, flattened out type of unnatural looking pics you get from SI. Furthermore, they provide full on views of Ms. Clauson photogenic anatomy; only slightly obscured by the sheerest of materials. To be fair, SI did provide some truly outstanding views of Hailey, and I can even deal with overabundance of processing. It's the smoothed over skin textures that get my goat (present here, but less egregious). As far as the Lookbook goes: ass, boobs, legs, tummy are all here for public consumption. There are close to 30 photos for you to click through, so you better get going.


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