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Hailey Clauson would rather leave her swimsuit out of the equation

02.16.2017by: No Cool Handle

Hailey Clauson represents the bold sect of up-and-coming models; someone who is so confident in her sex appeal, she seems to think high profile spreads like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition might be a little too tame. Why stop at swimsuits when she can be showing her nipples and bare bottom? Why waste such perfectly photogenic assets, left hidden beneath tiny articles of obstruction called bikinis? With just one pull of the string, Hailey Clauson can share with the world what she enjoys every time a shower is taken or the need to get dressed arises. I am in total agreement with the more is more approach to Hailey's spread: as in more boobs, more booty, more flesh laid bare. And I appreciate the steps taken by Sports Illustrated to make these annual treats more adult; but why not release an uncensored outtakes issue? You know, for those of us who are in to that kind of thing.


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