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Hailey Clauson looks crazy hot, both in and out of bikinis

12.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

You might not know who Dove Shore is, but to any hottie enthusiast, he's a photographer who demands respect. There are more than a few aspiring celebrities who would kill to get in front of this guy's lens. He shoots for GQ, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar – any magazine or beautiful woman you can think of – and is also a self-professed "film nerd." Dove shore is truly one of us. And for those who can't get enough top quality, sexy imagery, we are in his debt. That's why I took no pleasure in criticizing his last collaboration with Hailey Clauson – saying it was a bit too pretentious for my taste – because if you've ever seen Hailey Clauson in an interview or behind-the-scenes video, you know she's as bubbly as they get – and I much prefer her that way. Mr. Shore likes to shoot her against type, without even a hint of levity; it's noticeable in this set. Her singular, stoic expression aside, there's enough Hailey Clauson flesh on display to stem the joylessness, and his compositions (the way he lets the light source bleed into frame is awesome) are also nothing if not spot on. Next time, though, can we see a look on Hailey's face that implies she's glad to take her bikini off?

Source: Dove Shore


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