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Hailey Clauson is hot on the heels of Nina Agdal's Sports Illustrated spread

08.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

Nina Agdal's contribution to the Sports Illustrated Summer of Swim inaugural special may have proceeded Haley Clauson's by a day, but Haley got top billing and the cover. Just like Nina, the bubbly blonde was photographed bouncing around the Coney Island boardwalk in an assortment of skimpy swimwear. And, same as before, a lot of skin made its way around the tiny pieces of cloth, ending up not-so-covered. If any of you are going to be in Coney Island on August 28, Sports Illustrated is celebrating this occasion with a fan festival and concert of the same name. If these snaps are any indication, it's gonna be one goddamn, helluva show. It may be to late to ask, but: Can you please get a live video feed up on the Internet by the 28th, Sports Illustrated? Even if you have to resort to an intern shooting the event on their tablet. We'll take some pixelated footage over nothing at all.


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