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Hailey Baldwin lives up to her family's hot legacy with new LookBook layout

02.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor
The Baldwin brothers, so infamously heralded as being the epitome of hot dudeness in the movie CLUELESS, have managed to produce a stable of really good looking daughters. First it was Alec knocking up Kim Basinger and producing the lovely Ireland. Younger brother Stephen managed to make the most of his goofball(dwin) looks by marrying a lovely woman and delivering daughter Hailey Baldwin unto us for the ogling. Hailey might not have the tumultuous emotional background that her cousin does but the lady seems to have a skewed choice in dudes, if all of the talk regarding her being the unofficial on-again/off-again girlfriend of Justin Bieber is to be believed. Recently Hailey has battled with the rumours that she's been the catty chick behind Bieber deciding to cover up the tattoo he has of his more famous ex, Selena Gomez. None of the claims have been substantiated, although Baldwin and Bieber have never admitted that they're more than just close buddies. Either way, at least Hailey is an open-minded chick, to deal with the inexplicably busy revolving door J-Beebs has with the ladies.   
Source: Got Celeb


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