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Hailey Baldwin & her cute belly button went shopping in Beverly Hills

04.14.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I suppose we could do a toe-to-toe, battle to the death over which of the elder Baldwin daughter offspring is the sexiest, Hailey Baldwin or Ireland Baldwin but everyone would just end up happy in the end and nobody wants a bunch of happy Schmoes in this world, sending out positive vibes and joy. We rely on angst and irritation, perhaps that this fine, fierce blonde daughter of Stephen has all that money to spend on all that shit she really doesn't need because she gets stuff for free from designers just because she's famous or famous adjacent. Hell, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the Baldwin family had been hit up to do the next big "Keeping up..." style reality show, what with all of these good looking children they're putting out into the world and a family history of doing stupid things and whatnot. I also am ashamed to say that I would watch that show way faster than any of the ones put out by that other family.
Source: Daily Mail


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