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Hailee Steinfield was all about the legs at the MuchMusic Video Awards

06.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's hard to believe nearly seven years have passed since the remake of TRUE GRIT hit theaters; hard to believe, or maybe just hard to accept? Every time a young actor/actress gives a solid performance, especially in a movie helmed by directors of a certain prestige, you can be certain most people – critics and fans – will go on and on about what a huge star that child is going to become; those prognostications hardly ever come true.

Hailee Steinfield appears to be hell-bent on making sure her talent does not go to waste and her name fade not into obscurity. She's been around a lot lately, running every carefully crafted play from the universal book of How to Get Attention in Hollywood – everything from "accidentally" getting photographed on vacation in a variety of skimpy swimwear to showing up for high profile events in attention grabbing garb. Take her legs out attendance – and performance – at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto; that's correct, if her unhealthy ambition for fame and notoriety can't be sated with an acting career, she'll do it as a pop singer. Speaking of pop: when the musical bubble bursts, hopefully, she'll resort to a sexy photo campaign on social media.

Source: ns4w


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