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Hailee Steinfeld was steamy at the Streamys

09.18.2015by: Droz

I'm finding there's some kind of strange force in the universe which demands any Hailee Steinfeld post be accompanied by a Chloe Moretz post. Curious. Anyway, back to Hailee, who's pop star shaping and molding continues on. She's got spreads in music industry magazines now and, more importantly, has her first awards show performance at this years Streamy awards. If you don't know what those are, the name essentially says it all. It's awards given out to shows and whatnot that stream online. This is probably what will become the standard in small screen awards once broadcast TV finally realizes it mostly sucks and gives up the ghost.

Anyway, back to Hailee again, who was there performing in her camo body suit and looking all kinds of tasty. Normally I'm apathetic to present day pop stars, who I find just as annoying as pop stars of the past. However, I'm jazzed about Hailee getting into this racket. She's such a sweetie and a seemingly good person. It would be nice to see someone like that make her way up the pop star ranks, and in doing so become a counter to all the bullshit fame junkies out there making ridiculous spectacles out of themselves. Let's hope Hailee continues to rise above all that and set a better example.

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