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Hailee Steinfeld was busting out at the seams with hotness at the Oscars

02.27.2017by: Cherry Liquor
If you looked really close at Hailee Steinfeld, you would have noticed that her material heavy dress was actually fairly see-through. Those embellished flowers were strategically placed to cover the juiciest of bits but that material was sheerer than the curtain liner thingys inside of your grandma's heavy velvet drapes, which made it all the much more easy for the dress to rip.

Not sure if they were able to fix it by the time she was presenting but on the red carpet there was a distinct tear in the front of her dress's bodice. That's right, Hailee was literally busting out of her dress through the bust. She also looked decidedly more grown-up this time around at the Oscars where the wrong movie for Best Picture was announced, throwing off every single one of the pools going on around the world. I would have placed money on a wardrobe malfunction but I certainly did not forsee Warren Beatty turning into the next Steve Harvey.

Source: Us Magazine


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