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Hailee Steinfeld was a leggy beauty at the MTV Movie Awards

05.08.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I think we all kinda called it when the predictions were made that the little girl from TRUE GRIT was going to grow up to be a gorgeous acting powerhouse. Hell, Disney might have made the wrong choice when they cast Emma Watson in their huge hit BEAUTY AND THE BEAST if we're going off of Hailee Steinfeld performing in Belle's gold dress at the 2017 MTV Movie Awards. It was a live show for the awards show this year, featuring Steinfeld's PITCH PERFECT 2 co-star Adam Devine as the host, and the young lovely looked amazing during the opening while stepping into Watson's cinematic shoes. Of course, she looked jaw-droppingly hot on the red carpet during the arrivals, wearing a short lavender dress with cut-away panels that put her best features - legs & ass - to work. Hailee was all smiles, ignoring the drizzle going on in Southern California as she posed for the paps before performing and then later presenting with Ansel Elgort. I just watched THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN this past weekend and while there's a part of me who really wants her to quit singing and just concentrate on acting since she's so good at it, she sure has some good pipes to go with those stems.
Source: Bustle


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