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Hailee Steinfeld was knocking 'em out with her American thighs

11.23.2015by: Droz

There were plenty of hotties showing off at the 2015 AMA awards this weekend, among them the recently inaugurated pop singer Hailee Steinfeld, who made quite a show of those long legs of hers on the red carpet. Girl seems to have fully adopted all the hallmarks of your standard 21st century pop star. I suppose that's a fun thing for her and others of her ilk, many of whom aim for as wide a sphere of media influence as possible. I'd be lying if I said that displays like this aren't eye-catching. I'm just not sure if I'm on board with Hailee going this route with her career. I've always preferred to think of her as a talented actress. Could be she's grown out of that. Or maybe she's just having a little fun dressing up and belting out a few tunes to the preteens while she's young enough to do so. Maybe she'll get tired of that and return to her acting roots. Too early to say. I, for one, hope she does return to acting. Nothing wrong with being a hot actor.

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