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Hailee Steinfeld showed off lean legs at Billboard's Women in Music event

05.18.2017by: Cherry Liquor
After watching THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN, when I see Hailee Steinfeld doing singing duty for something, I want to get all motherly and slap her on that cute tush of hers and send her back to a movie set. Sure, she can sing well and all, but there's so much more available for her to excel at as an actress and I don't want her to waste any precious time in this short attention span society. Being enlisted for the PITCH PERFECT series seemed the best bridge for Hailee's interests and with those long legs of hers, she certainly has the stretch she needs to straddle the two. She looked amazing at the Billboard's Women in Music event doing her pop singer thing, but there are just far too many nearly-weres out there who had to reboot their trajectory after visiting the fickle music world (Jennifer Lopez has never regained her appeal as an actress since the onset of Jenny From the Block slash P-Diddy slash Bennifer crap). Do movies now, sing for fun and then when you're a grown woman with some life experiences, come back to music and do one of those deep, soulful albums where people actually admire and respect your talent. You don't want to be shaking your ass in see-through spandex when you're nearly 50, right?
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