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Hailee Steinfeld packs her hotness in tight leather pants

09.16.2016by: Droz

Hailee Steinfeld is getting better at this pop star thing. At first she was a little reserved with her approach, wearing the sort of innocuous clothes which characterized her time as an actress. Yet with time and experience and gains in notoriety, we've seen a gradual shift toward a more provocative style of dress, with an emphasis on making a show of her lower half. Thus the wearing of the super tight leather pants at this radio station concert thing. Drawing attention to Hailee's ass is a smart move, as I've frequently noted just how impressive her assets there are. She stands as one of the finest in her generation of hotties in that department. I've also noted a certain relaxation in how Hailee handles herself as a performer. I'm sure creating one's stage presence as a pop star can be a little overwhelming at first. Yet Hailee has settled into a nice, pleasantly hot groove, combining her ever present upbeatness with some sexy sass and innuendo. It all comes together to create one formidable pop star princess. I should probably note that I still don't know anything about her music. However, I think I can speak with confidence on how nicely she has the look down.

Source: NSFW


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