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Hailee Steinfeld just keeps on spreading her hot holiday cheer

12.22.2016by: Droz

Ya'll got that holiday cheer going strong? Yeah, me neither. It just doesn't feel like a happy Christmas time this year. I don't care about any of it. I haven't watched any Christmas movies or shows. There's no eggnog in my fridge. I don't have anything decorated. I'm content to just let that shit go by unnoticed. Reading that, it does sound rather depressing. I should take a few cues from Hailee Steinfeld here, who has been spending the past several days touring the nation in an attempt to spread that holiday happiness to throngs of adoring fans. I would imagine it's not difficult at all to get happy when you got Hailee around. She could make anyone into a giddy idiot just by flashing one of her cute grins. Unfortunately there's not much of Hailee to go around. That means most of us are just gonna have to be miserable until the holidays are over. That can't come fast enough.

Happy Holidays, everybody!

Source: Superior Pics


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