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Hailee Steinfeld is putting on one hell of a swimwear show down in Miami

05.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

I'm here today to admit I've been unjustly indifferent towards Haliee Steinfeld; always considering her to be nothing more than a flash in the pan cutie, whose photos will get lost in the shuffle of superior young babes more willing to exploit themselves for attention. How wrong I've been – so wrong, a formal apology for doubting Haliee is warranted. Her mouthwatering selection of beachwear this past couple of days has been so on point, back to back articles were unavoidable (see her previous post to get a good look at that tight ass in a thong). She can't be a mere flash in the pan when she looks this freaking hot in a one-piece (no easy task); made sexier by the fact she's relishing in the attention. I love me a confident hottie, especially one who, when caught off guard, doesn't express a look of disdain, instead, giving the photographer a cheeky glance over her shoulder while slightly arching her back – what a trooper, what a body. I have seen the light, and it is good.

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