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Hailee Steinfeld is all grown up, showing off her beauty in new photoshoot

03.10.2015by: Cherry Liquor
We first got a chance to see what a talented young actress she was in TRUE GRIT and will see how well she can sing when she becomes a Bella in PITCH PERFECT 2, but for the time being, let's admire the beauty that 18-year old Hailee Steinfeld is. In this recent photoshoot with photographer Dani Brubaker, Steinfeld makes eyes at the camera and flounces about in some dark but not wholly ugly clothing, proving that she has personality even when she's not speaking. Seeing as how she's been a regular fixture at the various fashion weeks from New York to Paris, seems as if Hailee's picked up a thing or two about how to dress well (and age appropriately, in case those Jenner girls need a buddy to help them out).
Source: Got Celeb


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