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Hailee Steinfeld is a welcome addition to The Mouse's hottie stable

05.02.2016by: Droz

I can't help it. These Disney events always put me in mind of South Park's brutally honest allegory of that company's well known fondness for stimulating pubescent sex drives as a means of generating cash. They've been doing it for decades now and with great success. No big surprise to see Hailee Steinfeld caught up in that game. Girl has quickly become one of the more starry-eyed beauties of her generation. She's got a happy hotness quality which works wonders on young and old alike. She's also a pop star now in addition to an actress, which means Hailee can potentially direct volleys of hotness on horny young fans via a vast assortment of media types. Sounds like exactly what Mickey is looking for. I can't argue with them on her potential. She's fantastic.

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